sugar high.

sweets. they are always on my mind! and it's really gotten out of control.

i am officially addicted to sugar. it seriously is like a drug. i crave it. i eat it. and then i crash and feel like poo. the only enjoyable part of eating sweets for me is the first bite, but regardless of how bad it makes me feel, i could polish off a cake all by myself. it's an issue. and the craziest part? i don't even like it that much. after i've eaten 3 cupcakes, 5 cookies, whatever, i get this nasty aftertaste in my mouth.

it's bad for my baby (i nurse). it's bad for my waistline. it's wreaks havoc on my energy levels.

i used to be very disciplined about eating sweets until i got pregnant. the one time in my life when it matters more than anything what i'm putting into my body and that's the time i choose to eat sweets on a daily basis. mama of the year award right here!

the biggest issue here is my health. i have a long history of diabetes in my family so i know this is something i need to get under control and SOON.

so starting today, i am giving it up. i believe in moderation but i have got to detox before i can enjoy an occasional dessert here and there. for now, i am giving up sweets until july 1. after that, i will reassess to see if i can responsibly enjoy a dessert every once in a while.

so how about you? is there anything in your diet that you know isn't making you feel your best?

oh, and because this song is so fitting...

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  1. I need to stop eating sweets too, but AFTER my birthday!