as usual, lately, always, God is at work in my life, my heart. He is always breaking me down, taking this heart of mine, and shaping it for His glory. and for this, i am SO very thankful.

about a month ago, i read over at naptime diaries about #shereadstruth. a couple of bloggers got together and decided to start a youversion devotional and post how they are doing on twitter and instagr.am (i'm brittcardona. follow me.) each day to create a community of sorts.

well, my friends, this thing has gone big. i mean really big. they even started a blog to keep everyone on track on include memory verses. check it out.

it took me a couple of days to decide if it was something i wanted to commit to but once i started seeing what others were getting out of this little study, i jumped right in and i haven't looked back. it is seriously the best devotional i have done and it has helped me to change my thinking in a big way. and my heart, oh how my heart needed this too.

the study we are currently on is soul detox. i think it was the perfect place to start. and this community of women is so inspiring. i just want to be a better mom, wife, sister in Christ every single day.

i highly recommend you check it out. it doesn't matter if you are behind. i started late, as did a lot of others, so just jump right in. they will be starting a new one once this one is over and i'm really hoping they give the newbies time to catch up so we can all start the next series together.

give it a try. and let me know what you think.

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