bits of splendor monday.

it's monday. another start to another week. i am so thankful that just like each day is a new day, each week is a new week, and we are able to start over with a fresh start. the last few weeks, i have been very thankful for new days, new weeks, and fresh starts in general. a new day to not get overwhelmed and take it out on my husband. a new day to have never-ending grace with my toddler. a new day to forgive those who hurt me. a new day to be forgiven. and new weeks to be encouraged by His word and live for Him no matter how the previous week went.  i'm am so thankful that He has given me the opportunity to start fresh.

yesterday, i had some heavy things on my heart, some things i have dealt with a lot in my life. i used to let them eat away at me, consume me, drive me to cope with things that i should have had nothing to do with. these days, i just hand it over to God.

last night, i chose to go for a run to work through those things. i have always loved running. i think i used to use the endorphins to help me to "feel better" about what i was going through. these days, God is with me on those runs. i get to focus on Him, spend time with Him. and He challenges me to push myself further to handle things i never thought i could. 

and some nights, he paints a perfect sky as a reminder of just how awesome He is. after seeing His beautiful creation, i felt a wave of relief remembering i am His. 

i am excited to see how He works in my life in this new week. 

bits of splendor monday


  1. omigosh. i could have written this post. except that i walk, not run, lol. i have bad knees. but i love my talks with the Lord during these walks, about what is going on and i just keep handing it over to him.

    1. i'm so glad to hear you love this too. walking is my favorite thing to do when it's not 100 degrees outside. it's my favorite time to be with the Lord. thank you so much for stopping by my little blog :) i have read your blog for several years now and just love it. your boys are the cutest!