all filled up.

my mind is full of things to say here. but my plate is also full and consuming a lot of my time in this holiday season. and you know, i don't mind that one bit.

but do you want to know what else is full? my blogger account. apparently, i have hit my max for photos on this blog until i pay up. so right now i'm trying to decide what to do about that. i'm actually thinking this is a new thing in the blogger world (i could be wrong) because within a week of me finding out my account was at capacity, three other bloggers posted the same thing. surely this isn't just coincidence.

anyway, my little family is in the midst of advent and we are really enjoying it this year. last night we played hide and seek in the dark. alex LOVED it.

speaking of alex, we are finally finding our groove here in our new place and he seems to be adjusting a little. i am so very thankful for that.

another thing i am thankful for is our trip to dallas tomorrow. i have missed it so very much ever since we moved a little over a year ago. we are going back to take alex to see santa and the trains, traditions we established when we first moved there as newlyweds. we are so excited to share a little bit of that with alex since he was only 3 months old for his only Christmas we lived there and he was only a year when we moved. i have a feeling i won't want to come home, though. i seriously love it there.

i don't think i've mentioned it here, but i seriously love it here in waco, also. it really is a beautiful town and there are so many outdoor activities. the hiking trails are amazing. we discovered the farmer's market last saturday and it's awesome. and it has yoga in the park. i can't wait to go! hopefully i will get this photo thing figured out and i can share some photos soon.

and since it just isn't a blog post without a photo...here's an oldie.

okay, enough of this crazy random post. but i just wanted to check in...i kind of miss it here.


  1. my account said i reached my limit too, which i think is a little strange cause i just bought more storage, but they did change the way you buy storage now so maybe that's why. it's actually pretty easy once you go ahead and buy it.

  2. that's odd! i think maybe once my google account said I was full for picasa web(where i store photos) and i paid $20 and never heard of the problem since! i wonder when blogger is gonna tell me that my limit is up!