fitness friday.

(on a saturday)

oh the bliss of being able to pull off that extra 40 pounds while you were growing that sweet baby in your belly. but that bump just isn't as cute when it's not a baby bump. so many moms i talk to say one of the biggest reasons they don't feel like themselves after having a baby is the baby weight they just can't get rid of.

every friday i will be sharing with you little things you can do EVERYDAY to get back in shape, regardless of if your baby never naps or if you've only had a few hours of sleep. now keep in mind, these are tips to get fit, not to fit back into your pre-baby jeans. remember, even if you have dropped all of your baby weight, your body has been completely transformed and things may never settle back in the same spot. what is important is that mamas are in the best shape to take care of their little ones.

** most mamas are cleared to start working out 6 weeks postpartum so make sure your doctor gives you the go ahead before you start any fitness routine.

one of the easiest things for a mama to start doing, most often before her 6 week postpartum checkup, is walking. you can do it anywhere, in any weather, with your baby in tow. not only does getting out for a walk get your endorphins up (so you feel amazing), it gets your blood flowing (which gives you energy), and it gives you a little down time from taking care of the little one (usually a walk will calm your little one so it gives you time to at least think).

if my little guy is getting fussy and i'm starting to lose my patience, i just strap him in the stroller and hit the path behind our apartment to give myself some time to think and gather myself. i actually do my best thinking on walks and my little guy is always guaranteed to be happy on walk. in fact, it used to be the only way i could get him to nap so it was a double bonus for me!

and for you baby-wearing mamas, carrying that extra weight when you're walking burns extra calories. score! side note, if you're looking for a recommendation for baby wraps, i highly recommend the sleepy wrap. LOVED IT!

and the locations are endless: parks, malls, target, hiking trails, the list goes on.

PLAN: make walking part of your daily activities. morning and evening are best in the summer to avoid the heat. find a walking buddy to help keep you on track.

EQUIPMENT: loose shorts that won't chafe, a tank that will wick away sweat, a good sports bra, and a good pair of walking shoes

COST: free!

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