me time? what's that?

i was planning on writing something with a little more sustenance today BUT, as i'm sure you read in my last post, my sweet little guy is sleeping two hours straight on a good night, three if i'm really lucky so i'm reading about sleep training instead. i don't plan on talking a lot of "baby talk" here but we're mamas so it's bound to come up every once in a while.

alex will nap in a car seat or stroller, no problem.
this is great for my shopping habits but terrible for his sleep habits (and my bank account).

i need to get back to my reading (question: how are you expected to have time to read about sleep training when you are completely sleep deprived and have no free time to read? i'm just saying!) so i can get this kid on a proper sleep schedule. before i do, though, i want to share something i came across as i was reading tracy hogg's the baby whisperer solves all your problems (she makes it sound so easy):

"if you're not up to speed, make sure that you nurture your adult needs first. it's almost impossible to minister to a baby, if it feels like you need to be taken care of."

so true! this quote explains perfectly why i'm writing to all of you mamas out there. it is the reason i would love for us all to come together to form a community so that we are well-equipped to nurture our own needs in order to be great mamas.

what do you think?

oh, and if you've had any success with sleep training for your little one, please share. we're mamas helping mamas here!

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