well hello there!

thanks for stopping by!

my little one is sleeping (and will probably be up any minute now since he only sleeps in two hour increments these days. hello dark circles.) so i just wanted to take a minute to say hello before i put myself to bed.

what's that you say? it's not even 8:00 which means it's still light out. yup, whatever it takes to get my beauty sleep.

before i go, though, just a quick note about what to expect here at "more than a mama." i will be writing every week to share with you how i make it through this crazy job called mommy-hood. i am by no means an expert on the subject but i will be writing about the things i do to take care of myself so that i can be the best mama for my little guy and the best spouse for my hubby.

i hope this becomes more than a place where i tell you what i've learned. instead, i hope to make this a community where you all will share what has worked for you as well. so please, ask questions, share your thoughts. and let's be the best mamas we can be!

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