fitness friday.

baby weights = using your baby as weights to take off that baby weight

commercial workout = working out during commercials throughout your favorite shows

yes people, this all sounds like mumbo jumbo. but you have to use what you've got when you're a mama and you're trying to get that leftover baby weight off. and what you've got is a baby and small segments of time here and there.

when you're watching kathie lee and hoda (or whatever hour long show you like), grab your little one and tone that tush. i usually  do one or two leg workouts and an ab workout each morning. make a game out of it by singing, making silly noises, anything to make it fun for your little one. when my little guy gets fussy, sometimes this is the only thing that will get him to calm down. and he thinks it's hi-larious when i count my reps out loud in a silly voice.

let's start with the basics: squats and crunches.

for squats, stand with feet slightly wider than hip-width apart. hold your little one in your arms (you can cradle if you have a tiny baby or face her outward if he has good head control) and slowly squat down, as if you are going to sit in a chair. then slowly return to the starting position. make sure you keep your knees soft and don't let them go past your toes either.

for crunches, lie on the floor, knees bent, with feet flat on the floor. sit your little one on your tummy (depending on how well he sits, you may have to use both hands to hold him or let him lean back on your legs) and bring your shoulders off the ground a few inches. hold for two seconds. slowly return your shoulders to the ground.

PLAN: when a commercial comes on, do 10-15 squats and then immediately do 20-30 crunches (or however many you can do at first, working up to this amount per commercial). when you're done, you should have enough time to gulp some water before your show starts up again and then repeat for the remainder of the commercials making sure to do at least 3 sets. try to fit this in 5 days a week and you will definitely have stronger abs and a more toned tush.

EQUIPMENT: you can do this workout in your pajamas (don't worry, i won't tell anyone ;) ) so all you need is your kiddo.

COST: free!!!

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