fitness friday.

now that we live an hour away from the beach and my parents have a house in the hill country on the frio river, it's inevitable i will be in a bathing suit for a good chunk of the summer. oh, and did i mention we have a three-ring blow up pool in the back yard. yeah, we're big time.

we've already spent a weekend at the river house and i have to say, i felt more comfortable than i thought i would in this post-baby body of mine...and i did end up sporting the bikini. i must say, i kind of rocked it for an almost-thirty-year-old mama. not like when i was honeymooning in jamaica but i'll take it.

i am so thankful for what my body has done for me in giving me my sweet boy but body issues always seem to creep up when i'm in a bikini. last summer wasn't so much of a concern because i was nursing and i was the smallest i have ever been. i actually purchased my first one-piece this year so i can worry more about having fun with my guys than the little bit of belly fat i just can't get rid of. i thought i would hate it but i kind of love it.

superficiality aside, i think it's super important we care for these bodies God gave us. we only have one and we should respect it. and once you get past the hurdle of starting the workout, those endorphins really get you going for the day and improve your mood greatly.

the word and endorphins. i just can't have a good day without those two things.

i recently (as in this past monday) started a new fitness plan to get my booty ready for bathing suit season. as with #shereadstruth, i started a little late but i guess that's just who i am. i'm really liking it, though, and it's something i can do at home. during nap time. those are two requirements for this mama right here.

head on over to fitnessista's page and check it out.

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