i will never be too old to play dress-up.

one of my favorite things about national holidays is dressing up for the fun (family-friendly) parades that accompany those holidays. i don't like to go overboard or anything but i do like to have fun with my attire and coordinating to the theme of the particular holiday.

back when we lived in dallas, we attended the st. paddy's day parade every year. i know, i know, st. paddy's day isn't really a national holiday here in the united states. or is it? one thing i do know, though, is i love to celebrate it by going to the parade with my family and collecting beads and candy. but even more than that, i love painting my nails green, throwing on a green top, and adding in a few other green accessories here and there.

st. paddy's day parade 2011
with the fourth of july quickly approaching, i am looking forward to a little (veggie-friendly) bbq, fireworks, and swimming. and most of all, i'm looking forward to the parade our whole family will be attending. luckily, i already own a lot of red, white, and blue clothing so it's just a matter of throwing it all together for a tasteful look.

july 4th parade 2011
here is what i will be sporting for this year's independence day:

independence day

classic and simple. and i love the nautical look the anchor chain adds to the outfit. i don't actually own this super expensive piece of jewelry but it's a nice touch if you can find it somewhere affordable. forever 21 maybe? the rest of the outfit, however, is in my closet and ready to be packed in my bags for our trip to the river where we will be spending the fourth.

how about you, what are your plans to celebrate our country's independence?

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