bits of splendor monday

we originally had plans to go to san antonio for my brother-in-laws birthday this past weekend but i got a text from my father-in-law on friday morning saying that the party had to be moved to next weekend. do you want to hear something crazy? my brother-in-law is turning 10. i will be 30 (as will my husband) next year. i always find this age gap to be a little funny. but such is life. 

anyway, i LOVE to take little weekend trips and LOVE anything that gets me out of this tiny town i'm still adjusting to after 9 months of living here. but you know, i was so thankful to have a weekend at home to just chill with my little family. the past month has been full of trips here, vacations there, all which i thoroughly enjoy and appreciate. but there is just nothing like having time to relax and just enjoy this little family of mine. 

we went to the local college to walk the track, went swimming in our little blow up pool, and just hung out and soaked up some of the olympics. i am so thankful for this time to just love and enjoy my family.

i get to start the week off well-rested and even more ready to visit san antonio. one of my very favorite places there is the river walk. i know it's a total tourist trap and i've been there a million times but i just LOVE it!

did you do anything exciting this weekend? or have a relaxing weekend like me?

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bits of splendor monday

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