if you follow my photography blog, you know that i LOVE me some instagram. i really love my big ol' camera too, but it's just not always in my hand like my iphone. 

here are a few photos from my week:

pool party.

little guy comforting bella during a thunderstorm.

sleeping on top of mommy during the second half of nap time.

mexican food with the fam.

my #shereadstruth companions: 10 little piggies.

my two little loves.

breaking in my new running shoes
wearing my cute summer dress.
what did your week look like?

do you love instagram too? i think it's way better than facebook as far as following your friends' activity is concerned. 

if you are an instagram user, leave me your user name so i can follow you. mine is brittcardona.

today i am linking up with life rearranged.

life rearranged

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  1. yep, instagram is definitely the best! all of these photographs are way too adorable for words!
    xo TJ