God bless america.

happy monday!

i'm spending the day recovering from a long holiday weekend with family in the texas hill country. it was a ton of fun but it's so nice to be back here in our routine. i actually used to be one of those people who hates routines and schedules but once i became a mom and realized routine is what makes my child happy, i am all about it.

we spent the days lounging around, eating, having water gun fights, swimming, eating, tubing, playing ball, eating, exploring the hill country, eating, and celebrating the U.S. of A. oh, and we did a leeetle more eating. we like to eat in my family.

here are a few pics of the family and me at the july jubilee in leakey, texas this past saturday. we had a blast!

i hope everyone had a great weekend!! and an even better week!

did you do anything fun and festive for the holiday? link up here and share here.


  1. wow! this is great! this looks like a down home fourth of july! you probably do need a lot of recovery from all of the festivities!

    and what kind of holiday would it be without a TINY bit of eating, right ;)

  2. looks like a wonderful fourth!

  3. Looks like a fun 4th, your little guy is so cute, and I love your dress. Also that Tow Mater at the end is pretty great.

  4. I love those tattoos!!, thanks for linking up!

  5. I love a small town 4th of July parade! Our town has one also & I haven't missed one, ever! Love your cute dress! Glad you had great 4th!

  6. Love the parade, wish we had one in my town! Looks like you had a great day :)