happy monday!!

i spent the weekend and most of the day with my love celebrating our 7 year anniversary. it has seriously been amazing to see God work through our marriage to break us down and build us up into the people we are today. to God be the glory.

i'm a few, errr 5, days late on this but we recently started a new devotional for #shereadstruth. i have talked about this great community on here before but i just can't stress enough how much i love reading the word along with other sisters in Christ everyday and having a virtual discussion of sorts by posting our thoughts and journal entries on instagram everyday.

i have seriously learned a lot from these ladies by seeing what they get out of the study each day. they really help me to see things in a different way and sometimes it's just what i needed to see that day. amazing how God works, huh?

if you would like to join along (believe me, you won't regret it!) we are working through a devotional called prayer on youversion. you can even do the study on your iphone which is so convenient.

give it a try!! you will be SO glad you did. and let me know what you think.

i hope everyone has a wonderful week!

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