make it happen monday.

i'm not really sure what i expected life to look like when i decided to stay home with our now-23-month-old son but i never expected it to be so hectic. yes, i may stay home all the live long day (i still haven't adjusted to this since moving to the middle of nowhere. yes, i'm being dramatic.) but i just cannot find enough time in my day to get it all done.

let me back up. for those of you that don't know me: i run my own photography business. i make it a priority to spend time with the Lord. and really enjoy living in a semi-clean home. and i find it necessary to spend a decent amount of time with my son. but finding time to make all of this happen while still being present as a mom is HARD. 

i find that my biggest problem is organization. my desk is a mess, just cluttered with things that need to get done. we only planned on living in our current place for a year so we didn't unpack everything and a lot of stuff just doesn't have a place. so things get stuck here, moved there, etc. it all just feels so chaotic. and my business, oh the backed-up paperwork. i'm terrible at the administrative side. just terrible.

my cluttered desk.
bad iphone pic but you get the point.

but it stops here. it has to. it clutters my brain and makes me feel stressed out and i just needs some order. a system to keep things organized. and that is my goal for this week. 

i actually started thinking about it over the weekend and i have some ideas in mind but i'm curious, do you have any organization tips that work for you? cleaning schedules? anything? i could use some help!

this post was inspired by fitnessista's "make it happen monday." 

what goal are you going after this week?

**edited to add: i was checking out some of container store's file systems i had bookmarked a few months ago and what do you know, they are having a "happy organized home sale." sometimes things just workout!!

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