i have been wishing for friday since the week started. i'm not sure why it's been one of those weeks but it has. well, i actually know exactly why it's been one of those weeks but that's another story for another day.

a lot of my photos look the same this week because we spent a full week without a car which meant we were cooped up in our little place playing cars, building blocks, and reading a ton of books (including #shereadstruth) all week.

you guys, i am spoiled rotten. until you have to do without something, you just don't realize how lucky you are. i feel so blessed to have a working car that allows me to go grocery shopping, take my son to the park and to play with friends, and just get out of the house.

this weekend we are taking my sister to dinner to celebrate her graduating from the University of North Texas since we didn't get to make it last weekend. we may even be able to sneak a little movie date in there while we're with family if we're lucky.

i hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!

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  1. Thank-you for sharing a peek into your life this apst week, I think you're very brave sharing your heart and what you're discovering through your Bible study.

  2. all that time reading looks good to me!! and the pictures of your boy lining his toys reminds me of my son playing with his toys.