celebrating two - part three.

this morning, while my little guy was eating his oatmeal, i was trying to get some work done on the computer and going through photos trying to decide on the ones i wanted to post for today. i have a TON to choose from but not near as many as i wish i had.

*note to self: pull out the big camera and real video camera (i.e. not iphone) a whole lot more!

anyway, i was going through the monthly photos i took of alex during his first year and found a video of him babbling. i think he was around 5 months old. and do you want to know what happen...this mama started bawling her eyes out. and my little guy started saying "out." he wanted me to take the baby out of the monitor to hold. i can't wait until he gets to be a big brother. i asked my husband if he could figure out a way to do this. of course, he just gave me a little laugh.

it's so cliche but i cannot believe how fast these two years have flown by. and you know, i really needed this little reminder. it's not that i forgot but things have been a little harder around here lately. and sometimes, the harder moments overshadow the good ones because there are just so many sometimes. but i am just going to keep praying through the hard and praising God through the good. and remember that it is all just so sweet and worth treasuring. 

anyway, enough of that sappy talk. and on to the photos. here we are one year ago, celebrating a very special first birthday.

i hear a sweet boy stirring from his nap so i'm off. have a great wednesday!

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