the big t.w.o.

today my sweet boy turns two. and i am so excite he is old enough to really take it all in. he has been practicing saying his age for a couple of weeks now and he's got it down. and he gets so excited when he says it too.

last night, the hubby and i stayed up and blew up balloons and hung them from the ceiling throughout our living and dining area. when my little guy woke up this morning, his eyes lit up at seeing all the colorful balloons hanging in his honor.

he opened up his small gifts, all disney die cast cars. he loves them. and then we rolled in the little red trike. he loves it! he still doesn't have the pedaling down but he loves wearing his helmet and riding it around the house

i made homemade donuts and stuck a couple of candles in for him to blow out. he thought it was the coolest thing. and i just think it is the coolest thing that God gave me this sweet boy. i am so thankful for him every single day, but especially on his birthday. 

here are a few photos from this morning. the balloons and single light we have in our living/dining area made the lighting come out really weird but they are precious to me, nonetheless.

we're off to the movies with the birthday boy. it's his first time going so wish us luck!

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