celebrating two.

my baby boy is turning two this week so i've been feeling a little extra nostalgic the past few days. and snapping a few more pics than usual because my little guy turning one more year older makes me realize a little more how fleeting this precious life is.

i will say, however, this week has been a little more challenging regarding behavior and discipline which i know is totally NORMAL for any almost-two-year-old. but it still breaks this mama's heart to see her sweet kind-hearted boy act out. i will spend this next year praying for a LOT of grace.

i figured i would share with you all a few of my favorite photos from the past couple of years as a way to celebrate my little guy.

here are a couple i snapped a couple of sundays ago at the park.

i hope everyone had a great labor day holiday weekend and has an even better (short) week!!

p.s. any tips, resources, etc for toddlerhood and discipline? i feel a little lost in this area and suggestions are MUCH appreciated!


  1. happy birthday to your little boy! and I love the book don't make me count to three.

    1. thank you SO much for the book suggestion. i will definitely be checking it out!