it's that time again. the start of a new weekend. and a holiday weekend at that. i love holidays.

though,i have a love/hate relationship with labor day. i hate that it marks the end up summer and all things sunshine. but i LOVE that it marks the beginning of fall - my very favorite season. and i LOVE that it marks the end of temperatures well over 100*. and most of all, i LOVE that i was in labor on labor day. i think it makes a kind of fun story to share. i cannot believe that two years ago, my sweet boy was born. 

my silly boys.

we took a to the aquarium as an early birthday celebration.
that blur right there is a tiger shark.

my cabbage patch dolls from when i was  a little girl.
he loves his new babies.

#shereadstruth. LOVING proverbs.


"may may." aka mater.

this "bebe" looks like the perfect place to park my cars.
i feel for our future babies ;)

i hope everyone has  an amazing weekend and labor day holiday.

see you next week!!

life rearranged


  1. i was born on labor day, so it's a pretty great day;)

    your pics are killing me. so cute!