wow! looking back at the photos makes me feel like this was a super long week. and that is definitely evident in the lack of photos i have taken this week. i've had a cloud of anxiety looming over me so maybe that's why it feels so long. and you know, i can't even put my finger on what has me feeling anxious. which makes me feel even more anxious.

i do know, though, before i go into this weekend, i need to spend some time on my knees. He is the only one that can bring me peace in a time like this. i hope to see you on monday feeling a little better. 

on a happier note, here is my week in IG photos:

my boy is a champion bubble blower.

first (of many) pumpkin loaves of the season.

scripture print i created for my bible study table.

my boy has some stinky feet.
and apparently only wears TOMS and converse.

morning bible study. this is a good one.

chopping is so therapeutic for me.
which i totally needed yesterday.

this boy has been fighting sleep for an hour at bedtime.
and waking two hours early.
BUT he is finally sleeping through the night again.
is there such a thing as a two-year sleep regression?

i have fall mini sessions tomorrow morning and a date with my guy. oh, and i'm finally doing my son's two-year photos. at least it's still his birthday month ;)

i hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!

life rearranged


  1. Thanks for stopping by! I always feel so frustrated when emotion clouds seems to linger too long, but I'm glad I'm not the only one that feels better via chopping veggies. And I'm loving your pumpkin bread! My fringe is being used for some crafty save-the-dates that will (hopefully) be mailed out this weekend! Stay tuned for updates :]

  2. lol!!! I love the converse in the washer. I have the same problem with my little guy! Great captures! Stopping by from instafriday...happy friday!

  3. Your little boy is precious! All those little shoes! Have a great rest of the weekend!