first fall hike.

happy monday!!

we're coming off of a great weekend over here (though, you wouldn't think so if you had seen that crabby toddler running around my house this morning) and feeling ready to start a new week.

the weather is finally starting to cool off down here in south texas and we are loving being outside again. oh, and when i say "cool off," i mean the high is only 90 degrees. but i'm a born and raised south texas girl so this is totally normal for me.

before my hubby and i had a kiddo, we loved us a good day of hiking. we would pack a lunch, bring our dog along, and explore the parks around the dallas area and up near lake texoma. once our little guy was born, life got super hectic with work and raising a newborn and all that stuff life tends to throw at you so we haven't been hiking in a good while.

this was our second time venturing out to goliad state park for a hike this year. the guys scouted out hiking sticks just their size and my little guy did such a great job staying on the trail and following right behind is daddy. we saw a tiny frog, and HUGE grasshopper, and a ton of salamanders. we had such a good time. that is, until the hubby started getting a ton of mosquito bites. i was freaking out a lot little and we found the quickest way out and to our car. all i could think about was WEST NILE VIRUS. eek!!

we are looking forward to going on a ton more hikes this fall while the air is nice and crisp.

i'm spending today working on a scripture print for my bible study tomorrow. i'm not sure if i mentioned starting a new bible study on here but we are going through the book Named By God by Kasey Van Norman and i'm loving it. not just the study but the community of women. that is something i have missed dearly since leaving dallas and my church there.

scripture print for my table: the bible study
leader opened with this verse. i think it's such
a great reminder for us every morning.

i hope everyone has a great week!

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