it's friday!! and that means it's insta-friday! i have to make this suuuuper short because we are headed out to look for some houses. i'm not even sure i've mentioned it on here but we are moving. more details next week for sure.

for now, here are two weeks worth of instagram goodness.

this seriously happens every single day.

my little baker man loves when we bake vegan
because mommy lets him lick the bowl.

ladies bible study.

he loves his pumpkins.

it's been a LONG time since he napped on me.
i loved it!

his sleep has been super off this month so he was resting
on mommy's clothes at 6 in the morning.

we illustrated God's creation.


not an instagram photo but still a phone pic.
love them.
we learned from The Jesus Storybook Bible that
Adam and Eve ate the fruit and broke God's heart.

big boy swing.

swinging with the family.
learning from aunt p the proper way to eat an ice cream cone.

holiday tea!

homemade sidewalk paint.

candy corn popcorn.

life rearranged

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