it has been a very busy week, my friends. but, we found a place to live and i am thrilled for this new adventure. and, we move in a week. there is so much packing to be done. and so much planning to do. but we are excited, nonetheless.

finishing up my last week of my bible study on the 4-hour drive to waco.

i love that there is a rosa's cafe where we are moving.

little learning about God's promise to Noah while mommy
does #shereadstruth.

this is what my heart looks like in a baseball cap. gangsta style.


coloring a thank-you picture for the nursery works at bible study. 

an empty car seat. that never happens. but mama had a massage to go to!


a 'fall' walk on a 90* day here in texas.

our backyard is a beautiful blanket of flowers.

such a great reminder. #shereadstruth.

once we get moved in and settled, i will share a little more about our move and so many other things i have on my heart to share.

i hope everyone has a fantastic pre-halloween weekend.

life rearranged


  1. I fancy your blog! I awarded you with a blog award! Check it out below.

  2. yay for finding a place to move! hoping all goes well with this transition!

    1. thank you! moving is always super stressful on my marriage. i just keep praying for more grace with my husband and he with me. i am so ready to get there and get settled!

  3. aww yay for Waco!!!! I just wanted to say hi and that is so fun youre down there!!!!

  4. i have never been to a rosa's cafe! wonder what i'm missing...
    and yes, i agree, it is always wrong to assign motives to another's heart. i always try to think the best of people!
    we are learning about being light in 1John bible study. all about walking in the light like God is, and He exposes all of our dark deeds. and boy, do I need His Light daily!
    pretty daisy pic!
    hope your move went well!