well look at that...i blogged two days in a row. i'm sure it won't become a habit. we have officially been in our new place for 2 weeks and honestly, it has been tough. i really like it here, we love our little apartment, and we have found a church i really think we are going to love (apparently it's the church david crowder co-founded before starting up his band). sounds all fine and dandy, right?

well, the 3rd little member of our family apparently doesn't like change because he has taken this hard. he already started showing signs of "the terrible twos" from the day he turned two but now he just seems extremely frustrated. it's not all bad all the time. but it is super duper hard a couple of days a week. 

if i remember correctly, he was like this when we first moved last year and it took about a month for him to adjust. but this is just so much more intense than before, i'm sure because of his age. he doesn't want to play with his toys but would rather spend his time getting into everything else. i'm trying to spend as much time with him to help him through this but that also means i'm not getting a lot put away around our house, thus leading to him finding new ways to get into trouble.

i'm sure after a couple of weeks of settling in and getting everything put away we will find our groove and he will feel comfortable again. for now, it's lots of prayer for grace, strength, wisdom, and kind words. and honestly, God has sent that in abundance. He is so good!! i just need to have a little patience in the mean time.

okay, on to insta-friday. i have missed a few weeks because of the craziness of life so i just started with the first photo i took here in waco:

i don't remember mcD's having red cups last year.
either way, well played mcDonald's.

breakfast date with my bugg on our first
morning in our new town.

God welcomed us to waco with a rainbow.

being silly.

silly face.

nap time enjoyment.
i could totally go for a diet coke right now!!

train table at barnes and noble.
post-nap snuggle time with mommy.
looks like mommy should have napped too!

tired, woke-up-at-the-crack-of-dawn boy.

wearing mommy's shoes.

leaf collecting.

exploring the baylor campus on a saturday morning.
it really is beautiful but...go tech!

nap time yoga.

first run in a couple of months. i just needed a few
moments alone.


first winter day of the season.


silly faces before church.
i hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! i am headed back to corpus christi for some work. i love doing holiday photos for families!!

oh, and if you have any suggestions for helping my little guy with this transition or how i can help to ease his frustration, they are VERY welcome.


life rearranged

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  1. Oh you little guy is adorable! :) My little guy will be 2 in a couple weeks and I feel like he has started the terrible twos already. I hope your little adjusts quickly to your new place for you. Stopping in from instafriday.