fall. a lot has changed.

my little alex love - 

your little chubby fingers are one of the few things "baby" about you these days. 

i love your wild and crazy justin beiber hair. somedays it's a crazy mess, all in your eyes. but somedays, it sweeps over to the side, just so. i love it! 

i love to play with your hair. i could play with it all the live long day. i have come to notice that it's a weird habit i have when we meet someone new. i'm awkward like that.

oh, and let's not forget the color. you got that from me. i always imagined i would have babies with dark hair, dark eyes, and dark skin. i really kind of love that you are the perfect combination of me and your daddy.

your eyes slay me. they are a honey color almost. lighter than your daddy's but not blue like mine. and if i ask you your eye color you say "bwown." and you know mine are blue. you have the longest darkest eyelashes i have ever seen. your mommy is a wee bit jealous of those.

i could really go on and on but those are just some things that really stuck out to me looking through these photos. you are my favorite person to photograph yet you NEVER want to look at my camera or stop moving long enough for me to get a decent shot.

the days have been rough lately between "the terrible twos" and moving but we are slowly figuring things out. i'm trying my best to learn about you, your heart, and why you do the things you do. i just want to know you better to understand you and the little person you are growing into. then maybe we can work through this frustration together. 

for now, we're taking lots of walks together because i think you find a peace about going out for a walk. and so do i. our walks have been some of my favorite times lately because we are both calm and happy and i love it. and i love you my little bugg.

love, mommy

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  1. girl. i'm right there with you. things may have gotten easier. but i am still learning so much. like, why miles just pulled his dresser on top of him when he was supposed to be napping. we are in this together!

    p.s. i love anything justin bieber, but you already knew that. ;)