it's friday!! i don't know about you but we are excited over here to have a couple of days to hang out with daddy. my little guy cut 3 teeth this week so we are all grumpy and tired. we have a birthday party on saturday and church on sunday so we are super excited. we missed the last two sundays because of vacation and being sick so we are ready to get back!

as we get into the thick of toddlerhood, i find a needing more structure and activities to keep him happy. i have a loose routine i follow everyday but i also try to be careful to give him plenty of time by himself because i don't want him to think he always has to be entertained. i must say, finding the "ideal" balance has been quite tricky. and of course, his needs change every.single.day.

part of our daily routine is an afternoon art project. somedays that consists of pulling out the basket of crayons and a coloring sheet. and somedays mama likes to be a little adventurous and get down and dirty with the art projects. this past week we made marbled paper using shaving cream and food coloring. of course, i found this awesome idea on pinterest. i knew it would be messy but the results were worth it. i never took a photo of the finished product but it looks like tie-dyed paper. we plan on framing the paper along with one of the photos and sending one out to each of the grandparents. i think they will love it.

tell me, do you have a routine you follow during the day? any tips or tricks for toddlerhood? right now i'm just trying to figure out what makes alex tick, trying to figure out: does he need more one on one time? more alone time? more boundaries? more structure? 

i just pray everyday for grace, wisdom, and kind/loving words. and always remember, everyday is a new day.


  1. Toddlerhood is wild and I can honestly say the only thing that stays the same is that it's always changing! lol! I do think there's a lot to say for giving them plenty of free play. And I like your line about kind/loving words...these are SO IMPORTANT!

  2. i'm learning to take each day as they come. i just never know what to expect with my three little ones. i've been given the advice though, that consistent meal times and sleep times are really important and i've found that one to be true. love this idea...might have to give it a try.