hi! long time, no see. life has been hectic lately and i've had a lot on my heart...a lot that i would like to share here but "busyness" keeps getting in the way. but i don't want to complain. overall, life is good.

i have written several times here about #shereadstruth and there's a reason for that. this community of ladies has been so awesome, providing some much needed uplifting and encouragement for this here lady. we are currently reading the book of proverbs and it is chock-full of wisdom. somebody said it could be called life's manual. so so true. it seriously speaks to my soul on a daily basis. 

and you want to know what else? it is convicting me everyday to be a better sister in Christ, wife, mama, friend. 

today, it slapped me in the face: 

"A quarrelsome wife is like a constant dripping." Proverbs 19:13.

i do not want to be that annoying, dripping faucet to my husband. i want to understanding, loving, caring, kind, joyful to be around. all of those things God instructs us to be. 

i want to be that wife for my husband. and hopefully, eventually, that will bleed into every other relationship in my life. 

so if you could, say a little prayer for me as i continue to grow to be more like Him. to share His love with my husband so that i am not that dripping faucet.

i would love to pray for you. let me know how i can. 


  1. i love love love Proverbs!!!!! I think most of life's problems can be avoided it we search out wisdom like it was gold!!!! did you draw that picture? love it!

    i need to get back into shereadstruth, esp since it'd doing proverbs. thanks for the inspiration!

    1. you know, i have only read proverbs in bits and pieces but i'm LOVING it now that i'm reading it from beginning to end. i seriously learn so much everyday. i did draw the picture. thanks!!

      you should definitely get back into #shereadstruth!

  2. I remember being inspired reading Proverbs several years ago. I don't know why I was so surprised to find so much wisdom there, especially for a marriage :).