it's that time again - insta-friday! it's one of my favorite days of the week for several reasons: 1) i love photos. 2) i love reliving the happy moments from my week. 3) i love photos. 4) hello, it's FRIDAY!!!

this week consisted of pretty much two things: birthday party fun and sick days. you've got to take the good with the bad, am i right?!

every time little guy gets in the car these days, he puts his
sunglasses on just like his mama. love him.

birthday party family photo. i love these sombreros.

sick day survival kit.

more sunglass fun while waiting on our soup and oj
in line at the subway drive-thru.
we were still in our (fresh and clean) jammies at 2pm.

too sick to take down party decorations.
but i kind of like them :)

sick day #5. it's getting old, huh? i thought so too.

finally feeling well, kinda sorta.
a walk/ride with me little guy on the new trike.

our usual mornings: blocks for him, coffee for me.

day 1 of not being sick = run day.
i was itching to get out there.
it sucked. i need a BOB jogging stroller.

have a great weekend!!

life rearranged

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